Thursday, November 8, 2012

The S2 9.2C...

Over the years as I've sailed, blogged and talked about the Arthur Edmonds  9.2C sailing vessel from S2 Yachts, there have been a number of people contact me wanting to know more about these fine watercraft. This blog is in draft-design is an attempt to provide more info on S2 Yachts – especially the model under my ownership – the S2 9.2C.
S2 9.2C sailing vessel AQUILA 
Scattered across the web info of the S2 9.2C yachts is tucked in hard to find places. One of my goals here is to bring as much of that info as possible into the page tabs to the upper right of this blog. Know of other pages to add? Please contact me. Like your S2 vessel linked to this page?  Get in touch. If I've inadvertently posted something that is your intellectual property, please let me know and I'll remove it. 
Happy sailing ~ Foster
Here's a link to a slide show of sailing our S2 9.2C AQUILA

Here's a link to a new video of sailing an S2 9.2C