AQUILA is a 1988 S2 9.2C sailing vessel designed by Arthur Edmonds and built by Leon Slikkers, who founded S2 Yachts in 1974.

At 9.2 meters the S2 has a length over all (LOA) of 29.92 feet, a length at waterline (LWL) of 25 feet and the “C” is for the center cockpit model. The beam is 10.25 feet and the vessel displaces 9,800 with 4,000 pounds of that being encapsulated lead in the keel.

Overall design:
These small but stout vessels have a flat, sheer sloping deckhouse, near flush forward deck hatch, large anchor locker forward with hinged lid and tinted deadlights. The teak handrails are well detailed and fitted on molded fiberglass spacers thus unobtrusive on deck.

Edmonds designed two versions of the S2  9.2 one being an “A” for aft cockpit, the other, as mentioned above a “C” for center cockpit. Combined S2 Yachts built over 700 of the 9.2 series. The A and C have the same hull, fin keel and partially balanced, skeg hung rudder. They are all masthead sloop rigged on a single spreader aluminum mast. The mast is deck-stepped over a compression post that carries the load to the keel plate.

The hull is solid, hand-laid fiberglass that has an inward turning flange at the sheer with a balsa-cored deck bolted bonded and bolted every 6 inches through an extruded aluminum toerail. Below decks the bulkheads and furniture are tabbed to the hull providing an additional structural stiffness to the vessel.

The two tons of lead ballast is encapsulated in a sealed keel cavity providing counter balance to the 469 square foot sail area and creating a SA displacement of 16.44, a balance / displacement of 40.81% and a displacement  / length of 280.00

The workable yet comfortable cockpit is an example of a carefully laid out deck.  Abaft the 28 inch stainless wheel on an Edison binnacle is the mainsheet mounted on a traveler. Engine controls are all close to the helm. NOTE WINCHES

Below deck…


OWNER:                                             J. Foster Fanning
VESSEL NAME:                                 Aquila
MAKE & MANUFACTURE:             S2, 9.2C, Allied Yachts
YEAR:                                                 1988
HOME PORT:                                     Curlew, WA. U.S.A.
INSURED BY:                                    Grange Insurance 

LOA 9m = 29’ 11”                  DWL 25’                                 Beam 10’ 3”
Fin Keel 4’ 11” with encapsulated lead ballast of 4,000#           Displacement 9,800#   
Spade Rudder
Sail Area 468 sq. ft.
Mast above DWL 43’ 6”
Diesel fuel 30 gallon                 1 quart+ per hour = 100+hours
Water tank 37 gallon                Hot water tank 10 gallon
Yanmar motor 18 hp, model 2GM 20F

Measurements for spinnaker
  • Forestay length with turnbuckle 41’ 5.5”, I = 40, J=13
  • Genny = 389 sq, Main = 200+
  • Spinnaker halyard 90’ X 3/8th
  • Spinnaker apprx 935 sq. ft.
  • Mast 40’ off deck
Yanmar motor 18 hp, model 2GM 20F
  • 1st fuel filter Racor R26 (30 microron)
  • 2nd fuel filter Racor R24
  • engine oil Chevron Delo 400 premium, SAE 30
  • engine belts M6 & M19 Mitsubishi

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